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Gemstone Jewelry - The New Cornerstone of the Fashion Industry

Gemstone Jewelry is certainly a more recent development in the creation of fashion and runway jewelry. For years the main stereotype of jewelry was lumped into two categories, Fine Jewelry and Costume Jewelry.

Fine Jewelry was pretty specific, referring to such things as precious stone jewelry, diamonds, pearls, etc. Sterling silver and 14K gold were the most popular forms of metal, and if you wanted to upgrade, there was always platinum. A perfectly polished and faceted ruby, for example, was considered fine jewelry.

Costume jewelry, on the other hand, was a completely opposite concept. Costume jewelry was decidedly decorative, and nothing else. It consisted of glass or plastic components, fishing line as the wire that held everything together, and stretchy cord that lasted about four or five outfits.

Today, there are many classifications for jewelry. Costume jewelry is still around, but more and more people are singling out specific types of jewelry in order to give it a separate category.

Take, for example, the ruby. As a simple, dirty stone that is picked up off the ground, it can appear to be rugged and plain. But once it is cut and polished, it can be sold to the highest bidder at a pretty reasonable price, and then sold at a ridiculously higher price. But what if you were to find a ruby, and instead of having it cut perfectly, then faced and then polished, you were to simply clean it up, round it out, and gently polish it to a soft luster? Then you may have a form of the ruby that is in a new league of gemstone.

Many stones are grown in labs and then sold to jewelry stores or supply stores for a smaller price than the naturally grown stones themselves. These are semi-precious stones, and are available for a less money on the market. In the generations past, if you were to purchase semi-precious, it was considered to be only because you could not afford the actual stone. In our generation, now, if you look closely, you will find that many people prefer the cultured stones to the real thing. They look the same, weigh almost the same and shine the same as the originals would have. The difference is, they cost less and the buyer can be more creative by purchasing two semi-precious necklaces for the price of one precious necklace.

Elle Jewelry is a jewelry company based out of the Chicagoland area. The design team specializes in custom designs to suit all tastes and budgets. We use semi-precious and precious gemstones to create sophisticated and upscale jewelry that can be worn to complement any ensemble, day or evening wear.They are constantly trying to keep one step ahead of other, more common, jewelry design companies, and while they aren’t always creating diamond necklaces, they are most certainly capable of designing jewelry that is much more sophisticated and better quality than our old friend, costume jewelry.

June 22, 2008 by Laura | Elle Jewelry |


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