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Soul Gems

Soul GemsTitle: Soul Gems
Description: Soul Gems is a compilation of the works of a group of jewellery artists who share a vision. That is, to bring together the energies and wisdom contained within these beautiful gemstones, with the ancient arts of fine wire and bead jewellery making. Each piece is crafted from carefully hand selected gemstones set in Argentium Sterling Silver or 14 carat gold filled wire. Combination pieces are made with the individual properties of each stone in mind in order that they will amplify and or compliment one another. Silver, chosen for its feminine energy, has the unique ability to direct, empower and enhance the properties of the gemstones. Argentium Sterling is a type of sterling silver that resists tarnishing, therefore retaining its beauty indefinitley. Gold filled wire is supremely superior to plated and will retain its colour and beauty for many, many years. Gold has a warm positive energy about it and lends that to the stones it is paired with. It is said to attract wealth and happiness. Every piece has been carefully crafted by artisans who's intention it is to bring you the finest quality and workmanship possible.
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