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Dragonfly Diva

Dragonfly DivaTitle: Dragonfly Diva
Description: Every woman has a fire, a passion, a thirst for life, a direct connection to her own joy. This is your Diva. Feel it. Love it. Be it. Dragonfly Diva was born from the passion and creative energy of Cara Viana Hollenbeck. Her appetite for life and the beauty that surrounds us is reflected in every piece she creates. Dragonfly Diva jewelry is all handmade. Each piece is unique, full of the majesty of the stones and metal it began as, and lighted with the joy Cara finds in creating it. Specializing in handmade artisan jewelry, Dragonfly Diva collections include earrings, necklaces, bracelets, malas, wedding jewelry, and custom pieces. Dragonfly Diva jewelry is made from gold and silver; gemstones from all over the planet; shells, many from local Hawaiian beaches; hand-picked sea glass tumbled in Hawaii’s clear blue oceans, lava rock, seeds, beads and more!
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