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Yifat Bareket - Jewelry Designs

Yifat Bareket - Jewelry DesignsTitle: Yifat Bareket - Jewelry Designs
Description: In her home studio shop, fashion designer Yifat Bareket design and produce unique jewelry using gold, silver, copper and brass, combining these metals with gemstones and crystals. Each and every piece of jewelry she produce is one off, unique, and there would be no other one exactly like it. In her designs she combine classical handcraft techniques with unique methods acquired over many years, such as casting, plating, compression, inlaying, weaving, and stone setting. The essence of her design brings together genuine materials with her own inspiration creating gleaming, energetic jewelry with an elegant look. In her collection you may find colorful ethnic jewelry such as the “Queen” ring – Gold and Silver ring set with gleaming gemstones, these rings are designed for women with presence, self confidence and saying. Yifat fashion jewelry collections are presented in galleries, museums and fashion magazines around the world. Yifat Bareket Jewelry Designs - gleaming, energetic jewelry with an elegant look.
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