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Classic TitaniumTitle: Classic Titanium
Description: Classic Titanium is us, we are Cubby and Fox. We have been creating titanium jewelry together for almost a decade. We have enjoyed working and being with each other so much, we went ahead and got married. Cubby is the craftsman in the team. He has been a working artist since college. There he obtained two degrees, one in Fine Arts and one in Anthropology. Though his degree in Anthropology never helped him become the next Indiana Jones like he had hoped, he has been able to utilize the Fine Arts degree quite well. He was an avid painter and designer for many years after graduation. He moved to L.A. and New York to work and learn, and eventually found his niche in titanium. He has been handcrafting titanium jewelry since 2002, and he is pretty darn good at it. The other half of the team is Fox, (Which I am sure by now you have deduced is the person writing this little bio. So, I suppose I can switch to first person...) I am the computer/tech/website and correspondence half of the duo. I also help with design and lunch. Sounds exciting, huh? It is. In our business, we have only a few simple rules: 1. Everything will always be made by hand. We never use computerized machines. There are very few titanium jewelers still carving solely by hand. Most have turned to computerized machinery (CNC), pushing a button and walking away, making carbon copies of the same ring over and over again. While this makes the process easier and much cheaper, we feel that to let a computer do the work takes away from the meaningfulness that a ring holds. 2. To run an honest and fair company. 3. Have a good time. A ring can be one of the most symbolic items you can wear. It can be a symbol of friendship, promise, or a vow of love and companionship, or sometimes just a super cool accessory. You can be sure, no matter its purpose, that your ring was made specifically for you with extreme care, respect, and pride in our craft.
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