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Singing Heart Jewelry Designs

Singing Heart Jewelry DesignsTitle: Singing Heart Jewelry Designs
Description: At Singing Heart Jewelry Designs, all of our necklaces, bracelets and earrings are original designs. They are inspired by nature - shells, river stones,bones, seeds and beautiful gemstones - and by geography. Many of the handcrafted jewelry pieces are constructed using materials that are sourced in Africa and around the world, such as Ethiopian silver prayer beads and African glass beads. Some of the beads and other materials are deeply drenched in cultural and metaphysical meaning. Wearing original handcrafted jewelry from Singing Heart Jewelry Designs can provide the wearer with more than the satisfaction of owning a piece of original jewelry. It can offer a sense of the metaphysical gifts a certain stone can bring and the knowledge of wearing something that the earth or nature has provided and an artist has lovingly crafted.
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